Here’s How Life Insurance Works

Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCFOver my decades in the business, I’ve enjoyed helping thousands of clients get life insurance at great rates.

I believe in being a “smart shopper.” The life insurance marketplace and the underwriting process each have a certain logic to them.

I understand how things work.  I’ll lead you on the path to getting the pricing you want for life insurance.

On this blog I give you the “inside scoop” on how the world of life insurance really works and tried-and-true tips on how to navigate your way through it.

You’ll find posts offering guidance on how to address your underwriting challenges as well as posts suggesting the best ways to manage the sensitive psychological/emotional issues that come up in life insurance planning.

And as the world around us keeps changing, I regularly explain the latest political and economic developments that affect the life insurance industry.

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What’s on this blog?

These posts are helpful in learning about life insurance products and the life insurance industry:

  • Inside The Industry.  What you need to know about the life insurance marketplace and products. Includes commentary on political, legal, and economic trends that affect the industry.
  • Winning The Life Insurance Game. How to make the application process work for you. Advice for people with specific risk factors, such as medical conditions and adventurous hobbies, on how to obtain coverage at a reasonable rate.
  • The Conscious Consumer.  Insights into why people buy – or postpone buying – life insurance. Studies from the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, religion, and spirituality are called upon to explain consumer behavior.
  • Partners Are People, Too.  Spouses, life partners, and business partners need to cooperate on financial matters, especially regarding sensitive topics such as life insurance. Here I offer “relationship advice” :) to help your decision-making dynamics run more smoothly.
  • Know Your Broker. The life insurance salesman must really be a Renaissance Man: part business owner, part financial professional, part spiritual guide. Here I share items of interest about myself, my sales company, and my life.